ISSN: 1555 - 7855
Mission Statement

     The behavioral psychologies are major forces which influence many areas of human interest. These psychologies draw on various learning theories to produce change in clients and consultees performance and combine in an area known as Behavior Therapy. Behavior therapy is a broad area that often lacks integration and understanding between the theoretical and technological aspects of the field. 

     The International Journal of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy is committed to increasing the communication between various areas of behavioral consultation and therapy. As the massive body of behavioral research in psychology and education has been produced, the BAO group deemed that a new journal was needed to handle the ever-increasing interest and ever - fractionating field. 

     The International Journal of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy strives to be a high quality journal, that also brings up to the minute information on current developments within the field to those who can benefit from those developments. Thus, the International Journal of Behavior Consultation and Therapy will continue to publish original research, reviews of the discipline, theoretical and conceptual work, applied research, program descriptions, research in organizations and the community, clinical work, and curriculum developments. Our vision is to become the voice of clinical behavior analysis and behavior therapy practices.