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Special Issue on Applied Behavior Analysis in Developmental Disabilities

IJBCT, Volume 4, Issue 3 2007

Edited by

James K. Luiselli, Ed.D., ABPP, BCBA

Table of Contents

 INTRO - Introduction to the Special Issue. James K. Luiselli, May Institute

 Improving the Social Status of Peer-Rejected Youth with Disabilities: Extending the Research on Positive Peer Reporting. Frank E. Bowers, Marcia E. Jensen, Clayton R. Cook, Amber D. McEachern, and Tara R. Snyder, Boys Town.

 Increasing Adaptive Responses and Reducing Finger Mouthing in an Adolescent with Multiple Disabilities: Evaluation of an Upgraded Microswitch-Cluster Program. Giulio E. Lancioni, University of Bari, Mark F. O’Reilly, University of Texas at Austin, Nirbay N. Singh, ONE Research Institute, Jeff Sigafoos, Victoria University of Wellington, and Doretta Oliva, Lega F. D’Oro Research Center.

 Treatment of Chronic Breath-Holding in an Adult with Severe Mental Retardation. Derek D. Reed and Brian K. Martens, Syracuse University.

 In-Home Parent Training of Functional Analysis Skills. John V. Stokes and James K. Luiselli, May Institute.

 Developing Stimulus Control for Occurrences of Stereotypy Exhibited by a Child with Autism. Elizabeth Brusa and David Richman, University of Illinois.

 The Use of Concurrent Operants Preference Assessment to Evaluate Choice of Interventions for Children Diagnosed with Autism. Carrie M. Brower-Breitwieser, Idaho State University, Raymond G. Miltenberger, University of South Florida, Amy Gross, Krystyna Orizondo-Korotko, R. Wa

IJBCT, Volume 4, No. 1,  2007

Editorial on Analytic Licensure: General historical issues of why people oppose licensing and the common replies -Cautilli & Dziewolska

Understanding Girls with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Applying Research to Clinical Practice -Soffer & Mautone

Measuring Avoidance and inflexibility in weight related problems -Lillis & Hayes

Group training of applied behavior analysis (ABA) knowledge competencies to community-based service providers for adults with developmental disabilities -Luiselli, St. Amand, MaGee & Sperry

Body dissatisfaction mediates the relationship between self esteem and restrained eating in female undergraduates -Gianini & Smith

Views on the efficacy and ethics of punishment: results from a national survey -DiGennaro -Reed & Lovett

Current issues in self-regulation research and their significance for therapeutic intervention in offender groups -Ross

Rearing the sad or mad: differentiating the family environments of depressed versus conduct disordered youth -Jewell & Beyers

Treatment Integrity in behavioral consultation: measurement, promotion and outcomes -Hagermoser-Sanetti & Kratochwill

Review- Behavioral insights underlying mental health problems: A review of “Taking America Off Drugs” by Stephen Ray Flora -Spara, Balawejder & Cautilli


IJBCT, Volume 3, No. 1,  2007

David E. Biegel, Lenore A. Kola & Robert R. Ronis (2007): Supporting the Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices for Adults with Co-Occurring Mental and Substance Use Disorders - IJBCT, 3.(1),  Pg. 1 

Tam T. Nguyen, Matteo Bertoni, Mylea Charvat, Anahita Gheytanchi, & Larry E. Beutler (2007): Systematic Treatment Selection (STS): A Review and Future Directions -  IJBCT, 3.(1),  Pg. 13 

Dennis R. Combs, Joshua Tiegreen & Amelia Nelson (2007): The Use of Behavioral Experiments to Modify Delusions and Paranoia: Clinical Guidelines and Recommendations - IJBCT, 3.(1),  Pg. 30

Kent McIntosh & Hadas Av-Gay (2007): Implications of Current Research on the Use of Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Support Planning in School Systems - IJBCT, 3.(1),  Pg.  38 

Moses N. Ikiugu & Lynne Anderson (2007):  Cost Effectiveness of the Instrumentalism in Occupational Therapy (IOT) Conceptual Model as a Guide for Intervention with Adolescents with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (EBD) - IJBCT, 3.(1),  Pg. 53

Jaime L. Milford, Julia L. Austin, and Jane Ellen Smith (2007): Community Reinforcement and the Dissemination of Evidence-based Practice:  Implications for Public Policy - IJBCT, 3.(1),  Pg. 77 

Lisa A. Schwartz, & Norah C. Feeny (2007): The Nature of and Behavioral Treatment of Sleep Problems in Youth with Bipolar Disorder - IJBCT, 3.(1),  Pg. 88

Louise Hayes, Alan Hudson & Jan Matthews (2007): Understanding Parental Monitoring through Analysis of Monitoring Episodes in Context - IJBCT, 3.(1),  Pg. 96 

Sebern F. Fisher 92007): Neurofeedback, Affect Regulation and Attachment: A Case Study and Analysis of Anti-Social Personality - IJBCT, 3.(1),  Pg. 109 

Hank Robb (2007):  Values as Leading Principles in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy - IJBCT, 3.(1),  Pg. 118 

Thomas Oellerich (2007): Rethinking the Routine Provision of Psychotherapy to Children/Adolescents Labeled “Sexually Abused” - IJBCT, 3.(1),  Pg. 123 

Jack A. Apsche, Christopher K. Bass and Marsha-Ann Houston (2007): Family MDT: vs. Treatment as Usual in a Community Setting -   IJBCT, 3.(1),  Pg. 145 

Melissa Ferguson, Tanya Gidaro & Joseph Cautilli (2007): A Third Wave Approach to Trauma: A Review of Follette & Ruzek (Eds.) (2006).  Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies for Trauma. [Second Edition] - IJBCT, 3.(1),  Pg. 154 

IJBCT, Volume 2, No. 4,  2006

Jack Apsche (2006):  Editorial: Message to Readers – IJBCT, 2.(4),  Pg.  457 

Joseph D. Cautilli (2006):  Editorial: Some Initial Thoughts on a Heritage Based Behavioral Approach to the Counseling of Juvenile Delinquents – IJBCT, 2.(4),  Pg.  458 

Angela Waguespack, Terrence Vaccaro & Lauren Continere (2006):  Functional Behavioral Assessment and Intervention with Emotional/Behaviorally Disordered Students:  In Pursuit of State of the Art - IJBCT, 2.(4),  Pg. 463 

Teresa Tatum, Duane A. Lundervold, and Patrick Ament (2006):  Abbreviated Upright Behavioral Relaxation Training for Test Anxiety Among College Students: Initial results - IJBCT, 2.(4),  Pg.  475 

David E. Kingsley (2006): The Teaching-Family Model and Post-Treatment Recidivism: A Critical Review of the Conventional Wisdom - IJBCT, 2.(4),  Pg.  481 

Joseph S. Baschnagel, Scott F. Coffey, and Carla J. Rash (2006):  The Treatment of Co-Occurring PTSD and Substance Use Disorders Using Trauma-Focused Exposure Therapy - IJBCT, 2.(4),  Pg.  498 

Maxwell T. Frank, Sungkun Cho, Elaine M. Heiby, Chun-I Lee and Adrienne L. Lahtela (2006):  The Health Behavior Schedule - II for Diabetes Predicts Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose - IJBCT, 2.(4),  Pg.  509

Patricia Chamberlain, Leslie D. Leve, and Dana K. Smith (2006):  Preventing Behavior Problems and Health-Risking Behaviors in Girls in Foster Care - IJBCT, 2.(4),  Pg.  518 

Amy R. Murrell and Andrew J. Scherbarth (2006): State of the Research & Literature Address: ACT with Children, Adolescents and Parents – IJBCT, 2.(4),  Pg. 531

Jack A. Apsche, Christopher K. Bass and Marsha-Ann Houston (2006):  A One Year Study of Adolescent Males with Aggression and Problems of Conduct and Personality: A Comparison of MDT and DBT- IJBCT, 2.(4),  Pg. 544 

Carolynn S. Kohn (2006): Conceptualization and Treatment of Kleptomania Behaviors Using Cognitive and Behavioral Strategies - IJBCT, 2.(4),  Pg. 553 

IJBCT, Volume 2, No. 3,  2006

Alexander L. Chapman (2006):  Acceptance and Mindfulness in Behavior Therapy: A Comparison of Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy - IJBCT, 2.(3), Pg. 308 

Jean Clore & Scott Gaynor (2006): Self-Statement Modification Techniques for Distressed College Students with Low Self-Esteem and Depressive Symptoms - IJBCT, 2.(3), Pg.  314

Alina Morawska & Matthew R Sanders (2006):  Self-directed Behavioural Family Intervention - IJBCT, 2.(3), Pg. 332 

Riccardo Dalle Grave,  Alessandro Suppini, Simona Calugi  & Giulio Marchesini (2006): Factors Associated with Attrition in Weight Loss Programs - IJBCT, 2.(3),  Pg. 341 

Susan Polirstok & Jay Gottlieb (2006): The Impact of Positive Behavior Intervention Training for Teachers - On Referral Rates for Misbehavior, Special Education Evaluation and Student Reading Achievement in the Elementary Grades - IJBCT, 2.(3),  Pg. 354 

Joseph Cautilli, T. Chris Tillman, Saul Axelrod, Halina Dziewolska & Philip Hineline (2006):  Resistance Is Not Futile: An experimental analogue of the effects of consultee “resistance” on the consultant’s therapeutic behavior in the consultation process: A replication and extension - IJBCT, 2.(3),  Pg. 362 

Jack Apsche & Christopher K. Bass (2006):  Family Mode Deactivation Therapy Results and Implications – IJBCT, 2.(3),  Pg. 375 

Jack A. Apsche & Christopher K. Bass (2006): A Review and Empirical Comparison of Three Treatments for Adolescent Males With Conduct and Personality Disorder:  Mode Deactivation Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Social Skills Training - IJBCT, 2.(3),  Pg. 382 

Eitan Eldar (2006):  Educating Through the Physical - Procedures and Implementation - IJBCT, 2.(3),  Pg. 399 

Glenn M. Callaghan (2006): Functional Analytic Psychotherapy and Supervision - IJBCT, 2.(3),  Pg. 416 

Jennifer A. Mautone, James K. Luiselli and  Marcie W. Handler (2006):  Improving Implementation of Classroom Instruction Through Teacher-Directed Behavioral Consultation: A Single-Case Demonstration - IJBCT, 2.(3),  Pg. 432 

Jack A. Apsche (2006): A Summary of Published Mode Deactivation Therapy Articles - IJBCT, 2.(3),  Pg. 439 

IJBCT, Volume 2, No. 2,  2006

Alina Morawska and Matthew R Sanders (2006):  Self-Directed Behavioural Family Intervention - IJBCT, 2.(2), Pg.  141

Catrina Duffy, Mickey Keenan and Karola Dillenburger (2006): Diagnosing Child Sex Abuse: A Research Challenge - IJBCT, 2.(2), Pg. 150

Chris L. Parrish and Adam S. Radomsky (2006): An Experimental Investigation of Responsibility and Reassurance: Relationships with Compulsive Checking - IJBCT, 2.(2), Pg. 174

James Cordova, Ph.D., Joseph Cautilli, Ph.D., Corrina Simon (2006): Behavior Analysis of Forgiveness in Couples Therapy -  IJBCT, 2.(2), Pg. 192 

Jack A Apsche, Christopher K. Bass (2006): A Treatment Study of Suicidal Adolescent with Personality Disorder or Traits: Mode Deactivation Therapy as Compared to Treatment as Usual -  IJBCT, 2.(2), Pg. 215

Lee A. Wilkinson (2006): Conjoint Behavioral Consultation: An Emerging and Effective Model for Developing Home-School Partnerships -  IJBCT, 2.(2), Pg. 225

Duane A. Lundervold and Angel L. Dunlap (2006): Alternate Forms Reliability of the Behavioral Relaxation Scale: Preliminary Results -  IJBCT, 2.(2), Pg. 240 

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Christine Maguth Nezu, Alicia A. Fiore & Arthur M. Nezu (2006):  Problem Solving Treatment for Intellectually Disabled Sex Offenders - IJBCT, 2.(2), Pg.  266

Jack A. Apsche and Christopher K. Bass(2006): A Treatment Study of Mode Deactivation Therapy in an Out Patient Community Setting - IJBCT, 2.(2), Pg. 277

Lee A. Underwood, Kara Sandor von Dresner & Annie L. Phillips(2006):  Community Treatment Programs for Juveniles:  A Best-Evidence Summary - IJBCT, 2.(2), Pg.286

Joseph Cautilli, Ph.D. (2006): Dodo-Bird or Dressing up the Pig and the Politics of Psychotherapy: A Reply to Vandenberghe and de Sousa (2005) - IJBCT, 2.(2), Pg.  305


IJBCT, Volume 2, No. 1,  2006

Brandon A. Gaudiano (2006):   The Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Schizophrenia: The State of the Art and the Evidence - IJBCT, 2.(1), Page 1

Robyn D. Walser and Darrah Westrup (2006): Supervising Trainees in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder -  IJBCT, 2.(1), Page 12 

Prof. Savita Malhotra, M.D., Ph.D, F.A.M.S & Dr. Parthasarathy Biswas, M.D. (2006): Behavioral and Psychological Assessment of Child Sexual Abuse in Clinical Practice -  IJBCT, 2.(1), Page 17

Jack A. Apsche &  Christopher K. Bass  (2006): Summary of Mode Deactivation Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Social Skills Training with Two Year Post Treatment Results -  IJBCT, 2.(1), Page 29 

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Lee A. Underwood, Annie Phillips, Kara von Dresner and Pamela D. Knight (2006):  Critical Factors in Mental Health Programming For Juveniles in Corrections Facilities - IJBCT, 2.(1), Page 107 

IJBCT, Volume 1, No. 4,  2005

Drew A. Anderson, Angela M. Simmons and Suzanne M. Milnes (2005):  Interventions For Weight Reduction: Facing the Maintenance Problem - IJBCT, 1.(4), Page 276

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Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders - IJBCT, 1.(4),  Page 301

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IJBCT, Volume 1, No. 3, 2005

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IJBCT, Volume 1, No. 2, 2005

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Joe Cautilli, T. Chris Riley-Tillman, Saul Axelrod, and Phil Hineline (2005): Current Behavioral Models of Client and Consultee Resistance: A Critical Review -  IJBCT, 1.(2), Page 147

IJBCT, Volume 1, No. 1, 2005

Raymond G. Miltenberger (2005): The Role of Automatic Negative Reinforcement In Clinical Problems - IJBCT, 1.(1), Page 1

James S. Bastien, William J. Burns, Francis D. Kelly, Patricia A. Schumm, Theresa P. Allen (2005): Increasing the Efficiency of Program Status Reporting by Residential Direct Care Staff -  IJBCT, 1.(1), Page 12

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Richard F. Farmer (2005):  Temperament, Reward and Punishment Sensitivity, and Clinical Disorders: Implications for Behavioral Case Formulation and Therapy  - IJBCT, 1.(1), Page 56