Clinician’s Manual and Guide for Case Conceptualization
By Jack Apsche, and Jerry L. Jennings

The Clinician’s Manual provides the tools to take a careful measure of how and why a youngster got to this place in life. In conjunction with the Responsibility & Self-Management Client Workbook, it guides therapists to pinpoint the function of the youngster’s problem behavior(s) and to develop a specific intervention for that client. Using methodologies based on Evidenced Based Treatments, the manual focuses and enhances the treatment process, addressing multiple behaviors seen in both inpatient and out-patient treatment placements.

Paperback, 118 pages, [$17.00] plus shipping and handling  ISBN: 1-929657-28-5 

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A Client Workbook of Skills to Learn
By Jack Apsche and Jerry L. Jennings

Jack Apsche and Jerry Jennings have developed this unique workbook specifically for adolescent treatment based on research and clinical trials. Using principles of Evidenced Based Treatments and intended for use in both out-patient and in-patient practices, the book addresses multiple issues, including aggression, anger, defiance, and sexually inappropriate behaviors. Responsibility & Self-Management looks at how the client’s life brought him to a therapist and provides a functional analytic blueprint to treatment.


Paperback, 118 pages, [$17.00] plus shipping and handling ISBN: 1-929657-28-5

Set (1 Manual, 1 Workbook) [$35.00] plus shipping and handling.

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Probing the Mind of a Serial Killer

By Jack Apshe

     Dr. Apsche is a well known author who has written extensively on criminal/psychological matters.  "Probing the Mind of a Serial Killer" is one of his most well known books.

     Well known Philadelphia attorneys have commented on this book:

       A. Charles Peruto, Esq.: "Jack Apsche ...has begun to discover the inner world of the serial killer.  To understand this detail presented by Jack Apsche...can help society more than all the death penalities and life in prision sentences ever can" 

     Joel S. Moldovsky, Esq.: "Apsche tell's it like it is..accurate as the clock on the wall of honest and lucid in an often (M')naughty world."

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