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    Advocating Behavior Analysis through professional cooperation and community building, the ABA-PRO list is sponsored and maintained by BEHAVIOR ANALYST ONLINE.ORG as a ongoing attempt to maintain behavior analysis as a single science. The list is mainly dedicated to the discussion of Behavioral Analysis as a technology and science.

    It is the intent of BEHAVIOR ANALYST ONLINE.ORG that the list be used to discuss new developments, paradigms, and theories in behavior analysis as well as new applications in it's use. In addition, BEHAVIOR ANALYST ONLINE.ORG intends that the list be used to support and maintain the community of behavior analysis, protect our field from fracture, and support a united amalgamation of various interests in behavior analysis. BEHAVIOR ANALYST ONLINE.ORG intends the list to be used by those interested in any of the following:

. Experimental Analysis of Behavior
. Experimental Analysis of Human Behavior
. Animal Trainers
. Applied Behavior Analysis
. Behavioral Gerontology
. Behavioral Safety
. Clinical Behavior Therapy
. Crime and Delinquency
. Developmental Disabilities
. Direct Instruction
. Gambling
. Health, Sports and Fitness
. Instructional Design
. Organizational Behavior Management
. Precision Teachers
. Quantitative Analysis of Behavior
. Rehabilitation
. Social Responsibility
. Standard Celeration Charting
. Teaching Behavior Analysis
. Verbal Behavior

    The main topic of the list is the science of behavior analysis, but the list will also allow for discussion about the community of behavior analysis as a whole. Since BEHAVIOR ANALYST ONLINE.ORG has a vision of uniting the community of behavior analysis this list will be dedicated to the building of that community.

    The ABA-PRO list will be of particular interest to professionals in the field of Behavior Analysis, it can also be very useful to others who have developed an interest in behavior analysis or who want to learn more about behavior analysis.

    Please remember that it takes many differing views to the make the world a good place to live; and even though not everyone can always agree we can; however, always be kind. Try to always remember this in your comments.

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