The Journal of Behavior Analysis in Health, Sports, Fitness, and Medicine

Behavioral Analysis in Health, Sports, Fitness, and Medicine (BAHSFM) is a journal for those interested in the application of behavioral principles for promoting wellness, enhancing fitness, and sports skills development, and ameliorating disease.  The bi-directional interaction between physiology and behavior can be effectively mediated through the application of elementary principles of behavior.  Behavior analysis has thereby exerted its influence in the fields of health and medicine, as well as in the enhancement of the safe and skillful performance that in turn facilitates well-being.  Examples include but are not limited to the areas of exercise and dietary compliance, smoking cessation, stress reduction, diabetes management, obesity treatment, and the development of sport performance and safety skills that bring about healthy reinforcement-rich lifestyles less vulnerable to disease.  This journal aims to foster a greater understanding of the impact of behavior analysis on health, sports, fitness, and behavioral medicine and seeks to publish conceptual and research articles in these areas.  In addition, we seek to publish literature reviews and articles focused on behavior analytic contributions to health policy and problem reduction."