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There are enough Behavior Analysts.

If you believe the above, then there is something that you can do about it. HR 5078 is the Mental Health Expansion act. This act will lead to a great expansion and will cover both school and community based services. This Act will come up in the lame duck session of Congress. This Act is of particular interest to behavior analyst's because (1) It provides tuition scholarships (2) sets up a mechanism for loan repayment (3) establishes training grants (think of professionals that wish to return to school and get there BCBA) (4) establishes grants for graduate students and graduate programs. The combination of these services will create many more behavior analytic programs and this will lead to more BCBA's. It will also help to strengthen existing programs. Please take the time to go to www.senate.gov.

When you arrive at the site, please place the bill number into the search section.

Remember to put HR 5078 and read the bill.

After you have read and printed out the bill call your local Congressional Representative (check the sponsor list, one of the co-sponsors is from Florida). Ask them to:

a) add behavior analysis to the bill- let them know of the success of behavior analysis with children in many areas

b) let them know support for this bill is important to you as a tax payer.

c) Finally, get your students or any organization that you belong to to write.

Presidential Commission on Mental Health

The presidential commission on Mental Health report with regard to the mental health system is due on the 29th of October.



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