Saul Axelrod, Ph.D., BCBA  

Department of Education
Temple University
Philadelphia, Pa. 19122


Saul Axelrod is Professor of Education at Temple University.  He received his doctorate from Florida State University and was postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Kansas.  His major interests include applying behavior analysis principles to the problems of managing classrooms, increasing the academic development of children of poverty, decreasing the self-injurious and aggressive behavior of people with severe handicaps, and disseminating effective educational technologies for children with autism.

 Dr. Axelrod has served on the boards of editor of several journals, including the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, Journal of Behavioral Education, Child and Family Behavior Therapy, and Behavior Modification.  He is author of numerous journal articles.  He is an author or editor of Behavior Modification for the Classroom Teacher, Behavior Analysis and Treatment, How to Use Group Contingencies, and How to Improve Classroom Behavior Series.  He is cofounder of the Delaware Valley Association for Behavior Analysis. In 2006, Dr. Axelrod was the first recipient of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board’s Michael Hemingway Award for Distinguished Service to Behavior Analysis.