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Special Notice

Dear Readers:

The BAO journals have an opportunity to win the "Best Education Research Article in an Open Access Journal, 2004" award, sponsored by the The Communication of Research Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association. 

The editorial staff of JEIBI and BAT would like feedback from our readers on which article(s) should be nominated to AERA.  The articles which are eligible are ones that appeared in the 2004 editions of BAT and JEIBI. The editorial staff will then pick the articles that have the most votes and nominate them to the AERA committee.


To be considered for the "Best Education Research Article in an Open Access Journal, 2004" award, articles must have been published between January 1, 2004, and December 31, 2004

All nominations should include the following information:

Name of author(s), title of article, and title of electronic journal; 

A description of the article's general quality and impact on the academic or professional community; 

A description (if applicable) of the way(s) in which the author(s) or journal publisher(s) have made use of the electronic medium to enhance the article's content, supporting materials, or method of dissemination; article's location (URL); and, 

Contact information for the nominator(s) 


The deadline for nominating articles to BAO journals is March 13, 2005, because the BAO editorial board must meet AERA's March 15, 2005 deadline.


Send your nominations to Mike Weinberg at [email protected].  The Editoral Board will select the most popular articles and nominate them to AERA for consideration for the award.  To send your vote, use the "Send Vote" button and an e-mail addressed to mike weinberg will open.  
Put "Vote"  in the subject line and put your nomination information in the body of the message! 

To learn more about AERA or nominate an article on your own, use the banner below!

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