Using the Classifieds on BAO.ORG
Released 18 April 2002

Advertising a new position or the filling an existing position on the BAO.ORG is easy and most importantly FREE to all members of the BAO.ORG, since we are a community and should strive to support one another.

Right now get your advertisement together as a text message and include all the pertinent information (no real size limit). Remember to include your contact information “including your user name here on the BAO.ORG” so potential candidates can "PM" (see help for further information) you here in the community forum and you will not need to give out your email address to screen potential candidates. Once you have decided that you like a potential candidate you can simply “PM” them back and ask them to email or fax you more details, or even set up a meeting (through live chat in the community forum).

Once you have the advertisement ready send it in the body of a “PM” to the site administrator Nietzsche and your advertisement will appear shortly on the BAO.ORG for all to see.

F. Nietzsche

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