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       As congress is now getting ready to put out a new version of IDEA, we need to ensure that studentsí rights are not stripped from the bill...Greater emphasis should be placed on functional behavioral assessment and positive behavior support...Please take ten minutes and use the below as a guide to send your letter to Congress...Unfortunately, I can not be optimistic about the next year given the recent election and the change to the composition of the congress.

Congress is negotiating the final IDEA conference bill. Parents, family, friends, and advocates need to tell Congress how important it is to keep the discipline provisions in the IDEA strong. It will take only 10 minutes of activism on your part to help preserve these important rights for kids. What's 10 minutes? 

Please send a fax to Congress that includes the points listed in the downloadable sample. If you've already done one last week or last month, do another. Edit as you see fit; add a line or two if you wish.

Fax your letter to ALL FIVE Congressional aides listed below. (You do not need to be a constituent; please send your fax to all five.

Fax THIS WEEK - TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! GET FRIENDS & FAMILY TO SEND FAXES!! We are looking for quantity here! Do not use e-mail; it just gets deleted. Please do not call; we don't want to clog their phones when they are working so hard. If you don't have access to a fax, we can find a way for someone else to fax for you. The fax numbers are:

Sen. Judd Gregg:
Fax to Attention Ms. Denzel McGuire
fax: 202-228-4222 or 202-228-5044

Sen. Edward Kennedy:
Fax to Attention Ms. Connie Garner
fax: 202-224-5128

Rep. John Boehner:
Fax to Attention Mr. David Cleary
fax: 202-226-1010

Rep. George Miller:
Fax to Attention Ms. Alice Johnson Cain
fax: 202-225-3277

Rep. Michael Castle:
Fax to Attention Mr. Sarah Ritling
fax: 202-225-2291

To view and download a copy of the petition in Acrobat format use the button below!